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Cassette Labeler

Flaiz Associates - Cassette Labeler

The Cassette Labeler has a high speed production capability that permits precise labeling of cassettes at the rate of 100 per minute. The cassettes are loaded into the hopper, then they are labeled and discharged onto a chute for packing.


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Model 660 - Bucket Labeling Applicator System

Flaiz Associates - Model 660 - Bucket Labeling Applicator System

The Model 660 bucket labeling system is designed to apply front and back labels to 5 gallon buckets. The system applies the label in coordination with the handle and can label buckets with or without handles in place. Buckets with handles are controlled by the custom handle control assembly. The assembly can lift and control the handle for clearance when necessary.


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Customized Dual Print and Apply Labeling System

Flaiz Associates - Customized Dual Print and Apply Labeling System

Auto Labe has the talent and knowledge to meet many challenges industry leaders face today for custom label applications. A good example is the dual print and apply system seen here. Auto Labe’s challenge was to apply two thermal transfer printed P/S labels onto film roll stock. Labels would be applied to the inside core as well as various outside diameters of the roll. In addition, the equipment had to be manufactured within a predetermined footprint. As a result, Auto Labe engineering designed this compact, dual print and apply system which integrated easily into the customer’s production line as required.


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